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                           DONATE TODAY
There are many ways folks can help!  Donate, volunteer your time, and learn more about breast cancer.  Everyone is welcome, whether they are a breast cancer survivor themselves, have had breast cancer touch the lives of someone dear to them or whether they just want to help. 

               CHILDREN'S BIKE-A-THON
MOV IN The Pink welcomes you to join us at our 1st annual Bike-A-Thon.   Children from Wood and Washington County between the ages of 4 years and 13 years are encouraged to participate.  Come enjoy a beautiful fall morning, get your bike checked out by a professional mechanic, then go for a ride.  An adult must accompany each child wanting to participate.  Each child must wear a helmet and other protective gear.
The children will ride their bike for 6 miles around the City Park.  Before the day of the event, the children will raise funds by getting pledges from sponsors for  $2 to $5 per mile for every mile that the participant rides during that time.  However, a flat rate is also welcome. 
All registered participants are automatically entered into a drawing for a new bike, scooter or $100 Gift Certificate from Toys R Us. 
Bike-A-Thon  Entry Forms available at
Parkersburg Bike Store- Grand Central Ave
Bob's Bicycle Shop - Division Street
WVVV 96.9 Radio Station  - Rosemar Road
The Pedal Shop - 3rd St - Marietta
Marietta Adventure Co - 2nd St, Marietta
Zides Sport Shop - 2nd St - Marietta
MOV In The Pink  (304) 488-2207

  Mid-Ohio Valley In The Pink                   
                                      BREAST CANCER 5K RUN/WALK

            Join us in 2013 as we continue our fight against breast cancer at our
                                                  5K Run/Walk for the Cure
Saturday, October 12, 2013                                                                                          Parkersburg City Park
                                                10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Opening ceremonies will begin at 9:30 AM with introductions

Registration will be available on day of walk beginning 9AM at Pavillion 
5k Run will begin at 12 Noon at Pavillion
                        3-mile walk will begin at 1 2:30 PM at Pavillion
NEW THIS YEAR:  Children's Bike-A-Thon
                                 Starting 10 AM

Click on registration tab above to register for Run, Walk or Children's  Bike-A-Thon.   Participants for Bike-A-Thon must have an Entry Form to participate.  

Registration for the 5K Run- $20 
Registration for 3-mile- Fun Walk -  $10  
Registration for Children's Bike -A-Thon   $5
There will be a special ceremony honoring breast cancer survivors and remembering those loved ones that fought their battle and lost.    There will be vendors set up to display and sell their merchandise and participants will have a chance to win a nice raffle prize donated by area merchants and our vendors.  

The rally is a chance for you, your friends and family to come out and help raise money for this worthy cause. The money raised from this event and other fund raising events through the year stays here, will go into the fund and will be used to provide these services. Increasing our local fund means increasing the number of women who could benefit from the provided services. So lets show these women we care! Get involved today by becoming a sponsor, volunteering or joining your friends in a run/walk for the cure.       

                           SCHOOLS AGAINST BREAST CANCER

MOV In The Pink wanted to get the schools and students involved with helping raise money for our organization thru fundraising efforts.  The elementary schools in the area were invited to join MOV In The Pink in this effort.  Even though the students didn't quite understand what breast cancer is they were excited because they were doing a fundraiser which meant they would be doing something special or were able to wear a specific piece of clothing to school for a day. Ms. Jeanna Plumbly, special Ed teacher at Mineral Wells School, came up with the idea of getting all the elementary schools in the Parkersburg area involved while at the same time have fun.  The participating schools were:

       PARTICIPATING SCHOOLS                                                Money Raised
Jefferson Elementary - Mrs. Ashlee Beatty, Volunteer               $220
Criss Elementary - Ms. Julie Davis, Volunteer                             $140
Mineral Wells - Ms. Jeanna Plumbly, lead Volunteer                   $193

The winning school was Jefferson Elementary.  For their fundraising effort the students could pay $1.00 and wear a hat to school for the whole day.  
We decided to make this a contest.  So starting with school year 2012-13  all the elementary schools were invited to help with the fundraiser.  The schools would see how much money they could raise in the time allotted between December 2012 & March 2013.  One person from each school was asked to volunteer to be a liaison for this effort.  As the project volunteer, this person was working directly with school staff and students to determine the extent the schools wanted to participate.   If schools were interested they were to contact Ms. Plumbly who provided the schools with the details on the grass-root fundraising event, gave the volunteers ideas on how the money could be raised and also let them know the reward they would be receiving for their participation if they were the winning school.
The school that raised the most money would be honored with a plaque from the organization with their school name and year won engraved on the plaque.  The school's name would be listed on MOV In The Pink's website for the year and on our facebook.

We want to congratulate the winner, Jefferson Elementary, and the other schools that participated in this event.  We thing they did a fantastic job and we applaud them all.  Everything they did was greatly appreciated.  

That was just the tip of the iceberg.  We still need the support of the community if we are going to continue helping women get mammograms.  The money raised from our fundraiser goes into a fund that helps women get mammograms and other diagnostic screening procedures when they have no insurance, or insurance won't pay for the test, or they have a high deductible.  Remember the first step in preventing breast cancer is to be able to get a mammogram.  The usual and customary payments allowed for mammograms can and does make it difficult to afford screening.  Without a mammogram the symptom my go untreated and could result in death.  Let's show the women of the Mid Ohio Valley we care, the schools sure did.  If they can do it then everyone can.  CONGRATULATIONS TO JEFFERSON ELEMENTARY.  Job well done!!!





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